Flash Games To Play When Angry

We all love a good rage game. They might make us the most angry we have ever been in our entire lives, but we still play them. Though, none of us actually know why. If the game makes people that angry, we shouldn’t play it. But we do because, while frustrating, it is impossible to deny how fun they are.

But sometimes rage games get the best of us and we need something to calm down with. Same thing goes for if you had a bad day, you don’t want to play something that is just going to add on to your stress and frustration levels. You want something that is calm and relaxing, or at the very least, not going to make you want to throw your controller out of a window.

So today, we are discussing the best flash games to play when you are angry. There are a lot of flash games out there so it might be a little hard to decide at first what is best to play when you are frustrated, so I will guide you through a few games that will help you decide so the anger doesn’t get worse.

The best games to play when you are angry or frustrated are usually games that require little to no dedication or attention. If the game requires you to complete a difficult task, it is not the game that you need to be playing right now. 

Try to find something mind numbing like a simple cooking game, or a diner game. Or maybe something calming like a pet sitting game, or a bobble pop game maybe even puzzles. In the end, the best game to play is a distracting one that will help you forget about what made you angry in the first place.

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